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LinkedIn – Why the New Blogging Tool is Perfect for your Small Business

By Hannah Spanhake

Just incase you haven’t heard the exciting news, LinkedIn has recently announced it’s adding blog features to personal profile pages.

LinkedIn wants to become the go-to place for professional content rather than just a search tool for professional contacts and resumes.

This exciting new LinkedIn feature combines Social Media and Content Marketing which could mean big exposure for any small business because the content you are creating already has an audience! It can be really hard to get views on your business blog, but if you publish it on LinkedIn, you are sharing it with the all of the professional contacts you already have in place! This means your business has the ability to create targeted content and useful information that will be shown directly to the people your business is wanting to attract.

Apart from helping you gain traffic, these posts become part of your profile, so you’re showing industry leaders that you really do know your stuff and therefore positions you as a leader in your field. This new tool also gives your business a persona. By utilising well-written blog posts you can educate potential customers about your products and services, tell them why your brand rules, and start a discussion with your loyal fans in the comments section.

Currently LinkedIn users can only share a brief update with a few words, an attachment or a website or article link, but you can’t write anything with real significance or substance. LinkedIn in 2012 allowed users with high status like Bill Gates to write blog posts. By following him you could read the content he shared. Everyday users like you and me, until now, could only digest the information and couldn’t write any articles, blogs or substantial content. This new feature gives you and me, the small business owners, the same power as the big guns, like Bill Gates. Your loyal fans can now follow you too, which will mean your content will appear in their news feeds!

If you are pumped and ready to create a blog on your LinkedIn page, heres how to get started!

  • Start on your home page. Go to the “Share an Update” box.
  • Click the pencil icon – this will open your writing tool.
  • Write your post.
  • To add an image, click the camera icon, then browse, select the picture you want to upload, and click submit.
  • Click publish when you’re ready to share the post or you can also save a post or preview it before posting just like any WordPress blog.

If you go to your home page and do not see these options, don’t stress; you might not have the feature just yet, but it will show up for you soon. According to LinkedIn, the new tool will overtime, become available to all users.

If you don’t have the time to write and publish your LinkedIn or company websites Blog posts, but understand their importance, why not get in touch with us and handle the stress over to our expert team.

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