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Content is King

By Hannah Spanhake

“Content is King” – the ultimate cliché that anyone in Online Marketing cannot shake from their mind.

Are you one of the many people piling your businesses social media pages with video after video, image after image? Are you stuffing as many  irrelevant keywords into your blog posts and then blasting the incomprehensible mess all over the internet? I’ll say it again.. Content is king my friend.

Anyone in the Online Marketing industry will repetitively use this phrase to place enormous emphasis on the importance of content, but I think it is even more important to ensure that an attitude of “any old content will do” isn’t created and instead a focus on quality is put in place. The following tips will help you place emphasis on the quality, frequency, Googles reaction to fresh content and the timing of your businesses content online.

Quality vs. quantity

Online Marketing experts have different opinions on this particular topic, but Google has made it clear – it is more about the quality of fresh content than the quantity. Producing a quality blog, article or new page on your website once per month will help your ranking more than quickly rushing through one blog each week.

This is the same with your businesses Social Media pages. Creating fresh, engaging and keyword driven content that links back to your website once each day will help your business gain more interaction, followers and potential leads than a thrown together post, quickly delivered to ensure at least something goes up today, even if it doesn’t get any likes.

Content and Google Rankings.

No website is ever finished or complete, especially in the eyes of Google. Frequently and consistently adding  a stream of quality content on your website means search engines such as Google will keep a closer eye on your corner of the web. If you are consistent with your changes, your website will be seen as a more progressive and valuable resource.

However, this does not mean that you will receive higher rankings. Increasing the frequency of  your fresh content means Google will ensure your website is crawled more regularly and doesn’t entitle you to ranking improvements, but there are benefits that can lead to improved rankings such as:

  • If you have breaking news to share, you’ll be seen as a valuable resource and will rank higher.
  • Your website will be trawled more, meaning the Googlebot will dig deeper into your website.
  • Your long-tail keyword content will be picked up and given eminence over your competitors’ pages.

How frequently should we add fresh content?

Lets remember that we aren’t writing these blogs for the Google bots. After all, the point of blogging is to get people to discover your business and react to what you have to say. Quality content delivered frequently is the key to building a relationship with your audience and driving repeat customer traffic. When we say you need fresh content ‘Frequently’, we don’t mean constantly. We are trying to guide you towards a monthly, fortnightly, or even better still, a weekly blogging routine. But the quality of your content is much more important. Read what Matt Cutts from Google has to say:

“If you need to take three weeks to do some research, and that research results in a really good blog post, those pieces of content often attract a lot more attention than follow-on blog posts.”
Matt Cutts, Google

When should I post?

An important aspect of your posts is that you should consider when your target audience is going to engage with your content. 2am when they are all asleep is not going to get you the traffic you desire! Your new content needs to go live when people are actually going to read it. So start by working out when to post, the best way to know is by experimenting with timing.

The next hurdle to jump is finding the time to create new posts. Often you simply won’t have the time when inspiration strikes. Creating a content plan is necessary in which you can consider things such as writing new blog posts in bulk and scheduling them for release. Creating a frequent and consistent content schedule for your website is less important than having quality content, but it is definitely an important element of what Google considers a ‘quality’ resource. Therefore Google will be more interested in your site, because your audience will be too!

At Social Bite we ensure the content on your website is not only relevant to your business, but effective and of a high quality. If you haven’t started regularly writing fresh content for your website because you have to much on your plate, let the friendly Social Bite team take care of it all for you.

Contact us and let us take the hassle out of your Content Writing needs!

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