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Online Advertising is Taking Over

By Hannah Spanhake

When televisions first started emerging in lounges around New Zealand, advertisers realised very quickly that this new and exciting technology gave them an unrivalled means of approaching target markets on mass.

Suddenly the traditional advertising methods such as magazines, flyers, newspapers and radio were all at once out of date. People all over the country zoned their attention to the screens in the middle of their living rooms. So there are no surprises then that our TV viewing habits, and therefore the effectiveness of this advertising strategy, is starting to suffer the same fate due to the technology available today.

Look back 10 years ago and the typical household had one screen per family. A quick count around our small home of two adults has seven screens – and only one of these screens is a television! Only time will tell, but if the effect of technology on our use of print advertising is anything to go by, there could be huge consequences for businesses who rely on TV as their main form of advertising.

Online Advertising is now a very appealing and highly effective way of reaching your potential customers. You need to be where your target market is and that is on Social Media platforms and search engines such as Google. Below is the total online spend figures for Quarter four in 2013 from the Interactive Advertising Bureau New Zealand. This shows that Online Advertising has increased by 33% year on year. Your business needs to bite into this pie fast to ensure that you get a section of this growth!

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If your business hasn’t yet started it’s Online Advertising adventure, get in touch, it’s the perfect time to start!

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