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How Social Media will help your Kiwi Business

Most New Zealand Businesses are yet to jump on the band wagon and join the Social Media frenzy. But why would you not join a Social Media network when 97% of New Zealanders who use the internet are on a social media website every month, and half of Kiwis are using it daily! Facebook is used by 65% of Kiwis over the age of 15. This is where your market is. It is free direct access to your customers, so I think the real question to ask yourself is why not? In this blog post I offer you 8 reasons why you SHOULD have a Facebook page.

1. You can engage directly with your customers effortlessly and for free

A Facebook page is a free customer engagement tool. Your business can have a branded Facebook page in minutes where your clientele and fans can post to your newsfeed, give you feedback, share photos, ask questions, and interact with you. This is a highly valuable way of connecting with your customers as it is very personable and will help you build relationships based on trust with your customers, and customers make purchases from businesses they trust!

2. Connect with specific sections of your target market

A Facebook page gives you direct access to your fans. You can send posts to all of your customers, create posts targeting specific people or groups by country, city, gender and age. An events post lets you schedule events and send invitations targeting fans such as, people who live close to where your event is taking place, their age or gender etc. This and more is available for free on your Facebook business page.

3. Your customers have the best advice, listen to them!

Facebook puts you and your customers on a level playing field. Therefore your customers are more likely to speak openly and share feedback about your products and services they like, positive and negative experiences they have had in your business, and their needs that your business does’t cater for. Your interaction with your customers is a goldmine of information. Remember it is because of these customers that your business even exists, so fight to fulfil their needs!

4. Another home for your business on the web

Creating a page on Facebook about your business provides you another Hub on the internet where your fans, customers, employees, and the media can find information about your business including the services or products you provide. A Facebook business page is open to the public so your potential clients don’t need to be logged into Facebook to view your page, everyone has access to your posts!

5. Drives Traffic to Your Website

Your Facebook business page has no restrictions on driving traffic from your Facebook page to website. Facebook actually supports and encourages businesses to do this. Directing even a minute amount of Facebook’s huge daily traffic towards your website could drastically enhance your websites organic traffic.

6. Facebook helps to improve your SEO

Google’s new Social Search feature is registering content created on Social Media networks like Facebook, so your pages content has the ability to generate positive search engine results for your business. Linking your businesses Facebook page and website can influence Google’s Social Search to drive immense Facebook traffic back to your site.

7. Facebook’s analytics tools will help you understand your audience.

Insights is Facebook’s analytics system that provides you with tools which supply revealing data related to the interactions of your followers on your business page, areas of success, areas needing improvement and information on the demographics of your fans. These powerful tools, along with the feedback on your Facebook page, will help you create posts that speak to your customers needs, suit their style of interaction and sustain your business’s goals.

8. Challenges your competition free of charge

It only takes one of your competitors to create a successful following and corner your share of the free market on Facebook. Get in early and put your business in the spotlight before your competition does.

The only question left to ask is do you have time to sit in front of your computer on Facebook and other Social Media websites all day? You should be out there dealing with the customers walking in your door and building relationships with them. Why not leave your Social Media management up to us? At Social Bite we specialise in building a following for your business online. We offer a range of Social Media packages for every budget and believe it or not, we want your business to succeed as much as you do! So contact us now for a free no obligation consultation to see how we can build relationships for you with your customers.